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Simple, Smart Crypto Options

Love Crypto?
Leverage, hedge and generate income with CryptoCookies.

Smart Contracts
No registration or account is needed.

Get Started

Got a view on crypto?

Just follow these simple steps to get started.

Connect your wallet to get started

First, choose your wallet

Choose your coin

Select which coin you'd like to get started with

Select your time frame

Choose how long you want to keep your cookie open

Lucky cookie

Closest to the market

Fortune cookie

Medium distance from the market

Jackpot cookie

Furthest away from the market

Select your cookie based on its distance from the market.

Choose direction

Do you think it will be above or below at the end of your selected timeframe?

Yes or No?

Decide if yes, you think it will be above or below, or maybe you think it won't be?

Set investment

Decide how much you want to invest

Cash in! 😝 💵 💴 💶

See how it works

Follow these easy steps

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